Reader provides a viewing window to allow the user to read the full text of the corpus that they have imported into Voyant Tools.

Getting Started

When you first arrive to the Reader tool you will see one of two possible screens:

Reader without a pre-loaded corpus. See loading texts into Voyeur for help on how to proceed.

Reader with a pre-loaded corpus. You were probably given a URL that included the corpus, or you’re viewing a page that has an embedded Voyeur tool in it. If you prefer, you can also start without a corpus.

Interface Elements

Reader includes the standard set of interface elements (see image to the right). For more help with these see the Voyeur Tools Standard Interface Elements page.

Standard UI Elements

Reading the tool

Corpus reader provides a panel of coloured bars along the left of the screen. These bars serve important roles in providing information about the texts and facilitating navigation through the corpus.

Each of these bars represents a segment of text within the corpus, and the document they belong to is indicated by the colour of the bar. Hovering over any of the bars will indicate the title of the document that it belongs to. Clicking on any of the bars allows the user to jump to that segment of text. The current segment of the text that is displayed is demonstrated by a pulsing red rectangle surrounding a bar.

In addition navigation through the tool is facilitated by navigation arrows in the bottom left-hand corner. These arrows allow the user to navigate from one segment to the next or from any segment to the start or end of the corpus.


Another function that can help orient the user in the text is the ability to select words. While only one word can be selected at a time, selecting a word indicates which segments and which documents the word occurs in. One way to select a word is to simply click it in the text. Another way to select a word is through the “Search” box in the bottom left-hand corner of the tool.

Reader search box

When you begin typing a word into the box, a selection of auto-completed words will be suggested in a drop-down menu. To select the word click the word in the drop down menu of auto-completed words or finish typing the word in the text box and press “Enter” on the keyboard. Not all words that are proposed by the auto-complete box occur within the text and selecting a term that does not then appear in the main display would indicate that this term is not present.

Finding specific words in Reader
Either way two things happen when a word is selected. Firstly the occurrences of the word in the text become highlighted yellow, and secondly the bars of those in which the word occurs remain solidly coloured while those segments where the word does not occur become nearly translucent.


Like all Voyeur tools, Reader can be reused in a variety of ways:

  • create a link that is specific to the corpus and options that are currently being used
  • embed the current corpus and options as a tool in an external page

For more information see exporting and reusing Voyeur Tools.

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