Document Type Kwics Grid

Document Type KWICs Grid displays a table contextualizing a selected word with the phrases or paragraphs of text that directly precede and follow each instances of the word throughout the corpus.

Getting Started

Document Type KWICs Grid requires not only a corpus as input, but a specified term to perform an analysis. This can be commonly accessed from other tools by clicking on individual terms. For example, if using the tool Cirrus, clicking on one of the words will bring you to a Document Type KWICs Grid in a new instance of Voyant Tools default skin.

There are several other tools in Voyant that behave similarly:

Interface Elements

Document Type KWICs Grid includes the standard set of interface elements (see image to the right). For more help with these see the Voyeur Tools Standard Interface Elements page.

Standard UI Elements

Reading the tool

The tool provides a table of the occurrences of a word in a corpus. Scrolling down the table, it is separated into segments grouping the occurrence of the word by the document in which they occur. For each mention a word receives in the corpus, the context of the word is displayed in the table. This context is the phrase that directly precedes and follows the word. These are presented in the colums “Left”, “Keyword”, and “Right”. To expand the context for a full preview of the section of the document, press the ‘+’ button beside the listing.

Expanding the KWIC to see a preview

To the bottom left hand corner of the tool a set of navigation arrows allows the user to flip or jump between pages of results. As well to navigate through search, a search field to the bottom right of tool allows the user to jump to the page of a specified word.

Document KWICs standard screen

Configuring the display

The tool offers several features to modify how the information is displayed.

  • Through the “Context” menu the user can change the number of words to be displayed on either side of the keyword.
  • Through the “Preview” menu the user can change the number of words that the expanded preview will display.
Document KWICs bottom toolbar

Adding and removing terms

The favourites list allows that user to compare terms that are not necessarily positioned near each other in the data, or to keep terms readily accessible. To add a term to the favourites list click the check-box next to any terms and click on the add icon to add them to your favourites list. The add icon is the heart overlayed with s plus sign within the green circle.


To view the favourites list click on the heart icon. To remove any term from the favourites list select the check-box next to any term in the favourites list and select the remove icon. The remove icon can be found in exactly the same position as the add icon, however it is only toggled when a term in the favourites list is selected. Similar to the add icon the remove icon is a heart overlayed with a minus sign within a red circle.

Linking out of the tool

Selecting one of the words will open a new instance of Voyant Tool’s default skin with a focus on that word.


Like all Voyeur tools, Document KWICs can be reused in a variety of ways:

  • create a link that is specific to the corpus and options that are currently being used
  • embed the current corpus and options as a tool in an external page

For more information see exporting and reusing Voyeur Tools.

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